Alla scoperta del Salento – Il turismo sostenibile nella terra tra Jonio e Adriatico è una guida con indirizzi di parchi, ospitalità, enogastronomia e artigianato in linea con i valori di un turismo di lunga durata.


Sauris Widespread Hotel – Friuli


“Haus hörbige”, hospitable house

A different way to spend your holidays is the one proposed by the Italian Association Alberghi Diffusi & Borghi Autentici (Widespread Hotels and Authentic Hamlets): tourism becomes real hospitality and sustainable development, without perverting traditions, on the contrary giving them life, awareness, strength.

Instead of building new hotels or touristic attractions without a real contact with the local culture, the Italian Region Friuli Venezia Giulia has been the first that wanted to recover through conservation interventions the most typical buildings of some hamlets turning them into houses for guests.

Fitted out with taste, respecting tradition and nature, the offered lodgings are home and hotel at the same time: together with welcome, privacy and flexibility – perfect also for families with children – you find all the comforts and services of a hotel. With something more: people staying in a Albergo Diffuso are not tourists but guests, welcomed as a friend whom you wish to introduce to all the wonders of your country.

“A holiday where you are invited to share gestures and rhythms of the local people, in contact with tradition, history, culture and most of all daily life. You can choose, whether to get involved with the local life or peacefully stay and observe it. But we would recommend you to accept the invitation and join the local rhythms, affairs, tastes. In a word, to start feeling you somehow belong here. You will find out a reinvigorating experience”: so they write in the Sauris Albergo Diffuso homepage and they convey the idea.

Beers and hams

In Sauris you live in typical perfectly restructured and equipped houses: tv with usb readers and dvd players, and obviously heating, and a kitchen, but if you wish you could use the fireplace, which the Albergo Diffuso supplies the wood for.

And then you can cook for yourself, or eat in one of the typical restaurants part of the network acting as “hotel restaurant”. Should you wish it, you could enjoy the luxury to have breakfast and newspapers brought to your house early in the morning. And you could get special offers for swimming pools, wellness and sport centers in the surroundings.

To enjoy all these opportunities you have just to go out, cross the streets of the hamlet, maybe ask for information to the local people … and go to the Reception, located in one of the restructured cottages: it is the heart of the Albergo Diffuso, where you will have access to an Internet Point, a library and video service, and equipment to rent.

And here you could book and join in eno-gastronomic visits to the ham and the beer factories, or in cooking classes, to discover how to enjoy and cook typical dishes: to go with the crudo di Sauris (Sauris cured ham), well known for its unmistakeable sweet flavor, lightly smoked with beechwood and flavored with juniper and herbs, for instance, it is perfect the Zahre beer, homemade and whole, neither pasteurized nor filtered: the Pilsen Lager, the Red Wien, the Hemp beer, and the Smoked one, all of them produced on site with the fresh and frizzy water from the Sauris wells.

Albergo Diffuso Sauris

Tel. +39 0433 86221


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